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    Project Controls Professionals

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What is project controls?

Project controls is part of project management that provides better control of projects based on analytical insights. Effective project controls tools and techniques lead to successful projects.

Primaned Belgium is specialized in project controls and recognizes four different process groups within this domain.

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Discover InEight

Once in a while we find a new gem in Project Controls. Let us introduce you to InEight Schedule, really disruptive in its approach to scheduling and it offers a real fresh view. 



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Primaned Belgium has the following job opportunities:

  • (Junior) Project Controls Engineer

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Our Expertise

Primaned Belgium has extensive experience with several proven tools and techniques with project controls.

Integrated Scheduling &

Our Project Controls Engineers are highly skilled in drafting and following project schedules (in Primavera P6 or MS Project) for integrated projects and tenders.


Lean scheduling stimulates the commitment of the planning by actively involving the executors in the planning process.

Enterprise Resource &
Capacity Planning

By implementing enterprise Project Management (EPM) tools, our clients can optimally plan their scarce resources across all projects.

Earned Value

We have extensive experience in implementing EVM. Thanks to EVM, companies succeed in making a correct and integrated progress analysis in terms of time and money.

Cost / Schedule Risk

By performing probabilistic analyses (with Monte Carlo simulation), we ensure that schedules and cost estimates become robust for risks and uncertainties.

Time & Space

Timetable diagrams (with Tilos) and 4D Planning (e.g. Synchro) provide insights into potential conflicts by visualizing the project planning in space.

Schedule Delay

As project controls specialists, we also support our client for possible claims through good project management and various Schedule Delay Analysis techniques.

Reporting &

Thanks to powerful Business Intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards, we bring to-the-point project controls insights into the right format to the decision-maker.

Primaned envisions a world where projects will create more value for all parties involved. We want to pursue this vision by delivering project insight through state-of-the-art tools and techniques. It is our aim to be the quality reference in project controls and a trusted partner of our clients.


Our enthusiastic team wants to inform you about project controls.

Data-Driven Project Management Explained

Over the last years, data has been the source of power and success for almost all businesses. It is no longer just a trend or a hypothesis but rather the new norm, and those who can leverage it properly are those who can gain a lot of competitive advantage.

We, as Primaned Belgium, believe that the intelligent analysis of data leading to objective and informed decisions will play a critical role in the success of projects. Therefore, the need for data-driven project management (DDPM) is becoming a necessity, but what do we exactly mean?

Abdallah Baydounby Abdallah Baydoun

6 Reasons why we love InEight Schedule

As professionals in planning we sometimes need to look in the mirror and accept that the way we traditionally schedule can/should be improved. We have discovered a tool, InEight Schedule, that is really disruptive in its approach to scheduling and offers a real fresh view.

In this blog post we will summarize the main challenges in scheduling and how InEight schedule is designed to solve these.

Niels Ligtvoetby Niels Ligtvoet

Is AI going to disrupt the world of project controls?

Back in 2012, when I started at Primaned Belgium (my first job), I did not know precisely what I would be doing. In fact, it remained hard to explain what we are doing to someone random. I knew it was about Project Management, mostly in the construction industry (I am a construction engineer), very much oriented on time planning/scheduling and it required some IT knowledge/affinities. With this and my dreamful mind, I had the (naïve) dream job idea! I was going to improve the construction industry by implementing tools that would create and monitor the project planning just by dictating to the tool what the project was about, the tool would do the rest for me (I just slightly exaggerate ?)!

Frédéric Deboucheby Frédéric Debouche

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