Our vision on Academy

“Project controls is the part of project management that captures, models, monitors, analyzes and visualizes project data to generate insight into the project that results in improved decision making so that maximum value is created for the stakeholders.”

In the current information age, data-driven project management is emerging as a vehicle to successfully deliver projects. Project controls is the part of project management that transforms the available data into insights and actions. It is much more than just another task of the project manager.

Project controls is above all a mentality. It embodies a strong reliance on traceable data and verifiable performance measurement. It believes that transparency about the true health of a project will bottom-line produce optimal value for the project. It also believes that advanced data analysis can help us in delivering value-adding insights.

Well-trained project controls professionals are needed to make project controls a success for your organization. It is simply not enough to learn a tool such as MS Project and / or Oracle Primavera P6. A professional in project controls needs a broad knowledge on the tools and techniques that exist to deliver insight in time, cost, risk, resources and value. Project controls is a profession.

Education is key to become a top-notch project control engineer.

We observe that project controls is still greatly undervalued in academic education. Most people that are involved in project controls are very smart and highly educated, but just not in project controls. Primaned Academy is a well-established training institution that fills this void. We have been training internal and external project controls engineers for decades. Our standard training offering covers a broad range of theory, techniques and tools within project controls, targeted to train engineers to become project controls engineers. But, we equally pay attention to the awareness of a larger group of project stakeholders to ensure that project controls is more than analysis. Successful project controls is a team effort where delivered insights are truly used to make an impact.

We are happy to share our passion and knowledge with our clients through the Primaned Belgium Academy, because we believe that also your knowledge is key for us to achieve our mission. We will train your employees as if they are ours. Together we can improve the way how projects are being managed.

Please have a look at our training offering to see how we can help to boost your project controls skills.


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