“Yes, my organization is mature enough for dashboarding!” – Demystifying Business Intelligence Dashboards

I often hear people telling their organization is not mature enough to have some business intelligence dashboards to visualize their projects’ performance. I believe that in some way they are right; having a higher maturity in project controls is always desirable and it’s proven that it brings better results. However, I am not sure it should really prevent them from having business intelligence dashboards. Let’s explore this in this blogpost!

Frédéric Deboucheby Frédéric Debouche

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From Project Controls to Project Intelligence

In the information age, knowledge is essential to remain competitive. Companies are making a shift towards attaining a data-driven culture. Interest in Business intelligence is on a steady rise and today more and more companies are even investing in more advanced set-ups like combinations of big data with artificial intelligence.

As project controls engineers from Primaned Belgium, we can only share this enthusiasm because analysis is in our DNA. But what will this mean for the future of Project Controls? Will this trend be limited to the financial departments or will it expand to our domain?

Matthias van Campenby Matthias van Campen

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Change Control: 4 Levels of Change

Managing change will always be a challenge in projects. Its importance cannot be overestimated in order to successfully deliver projects. Messing up will have huge implications in a claim-oriented environment. Still we see many project teams struggling with organizing and following a proper change management process.

Gert Truyensby Gert Truyens

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Our take on Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It has been some time now that we have heard about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it will take the construction industry by storm. Has this happened? Certainly not yet, for several reasons that are not all necessarily related to BIM itself. Will it happen? I believe yes, simply because the BIM vision will help the construction industry on various levels. In this blog post, I will briefly explain about BIM, the problem and how can Project Controls add value to BIM based projects. You also might want to read about the future and BIM in our previous blog.

Abdallah Baydounby Abdallah Baydoun

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Visualizer: An extraordinary view embedded in P6

We are all familiar with the old-fashioned but convenient way of presenting our activities in Primavera P6: Gantt charts. Options for shapes of bars, lines and milestones are limited. That is why eventually you can easily run out of options while presenting your activities. It even started to engrave its own visualising norms: bars are blue on left side of the data date and green on right side of the data date. It is time to add some richness to our Gantt chart elements.

Firat Tekilby Firat Tekil

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