LEAN Scheduling

More often than preferred, the Project Manager or the Project Controls Engineer is regarded as a watch dog. He looks like the bad guy, raging when the work isn’t progressing as planned. He always tries to PUSH his – sometimes unrealistic and overly complex – planning to people executing the work.

These people responsible for execution feel disconnected with the schedule, it is not their schedule and they certainly did not commit to it.

Jean-Carl Vandekerckhoveby Jean-Carl Vandekerckhove

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What is Takt time?

Are you interested in reducing waste as a result of better planning? How about creating a continuous work flow which helps you meet your project’s deadline and reduces your waste? It is neither rocket science nor magic, achieving these goals is simpler than you think. In fact, whenever I explain to managers about takt time planning, I always feel their confusion, as if they are still waiting to hear something new that ‘’they do not know’’. Hence, the concept is really familiar to us, however many lack a systematic approach to implement it.

Abdallah Baydounby Abdallah Baydoun

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