What is Takt time?

Are you interested in reducing waste as a result of better planning? How about creating a continuous work flow which helps you meet your project’s deadline and reduces your waste? It is neither rocket science nor magic, achieving these goals is simpler than you think. In fact, whenever I explain to managers about takt time planning, I always feel their confusion, as if they are still waiting to hear something new that ‘’they do not know’’. Hence, the concept is really familiar to us, however many lack a systematic approach to implement it.

Abdallah Baydounby Abdallah Baydoun

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Eyes-closed estimating

6 cost forecasting techniques in EVM (EAC/ETC)

Do you feel your budgeting process has failed from the start of your project? Have you learned that you overbudgeted or underbudgeted the activities in your performance measurement baseline (PMB)? Are you willing to take your Earned Value Analysis (EVA) to the next level? Then this is a blog post for you.

Niels Ligtvoetby Niels Ligtvoet

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Schedule Quality: Technical Requirements

As consultants, we frequently come across schedules of substandard quality. You’ve probably seen our top-picks of mistakes as well: overuse of SF-relationships, too many constraints or even the absence of links between the activities. We receive requests to perform a schedule quality analysis more often these days, so it seems that the market starts understanding the importance of quality standards.

Gert Truyensby Gert Truyens

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LEAN Scheduling

More often than preferred, the Project Manager or the Project Controls Engineer is regarded as a watch dog. He looks like the bad guy, raging when the work isn’t progressing as planned. He always tries to PUSH his – sometimes unrealistic and overly complex – planning to people executing the work.

These people responsible for execution feel disconnected with the schedule, it is not their schedule and they certainly did not commit to it.

Jean-Carl Vandekerckhoveby Jean-Carl Vandekerckhove

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Earned Schedule – The appropriate upgrade of your EVMS

Now we’ve learned the basics of Earned Value Management calculations (see this blog), it’s time to introduce a new metric to define our project’s health. As you’ve noticed all previous metrics and parameters were either percental (CPI, SPI, TCPI) or monetary/unitary (CV, SV). But what does a schedule variance of € 10.000 tell us? First, a delay expressed in monetary units is somewhat strange. Second, we will show later in this blog post that this metric is subject to a major fallacy. It is to be replaced with a more comprehensive one. Time for a change.

Niels Ligtvoetby Niels Ligtvoet

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Claim Analysis Specialists – the morticians of project controls

One of the emerging techniques within project controls is (forensic) delay analysis. It is one of the money makers of project controls. Forensic schedule analysts are among the finest and most respected experts in project controls. They study and investigate events and use Critical Path Method-based techniques to calculate the cause and impact of delays with an aim to support claims through negotiation or even legal proceedings.

At Primaned Belgium, we consider it to be a growth opportunity and we do invest a lot of time to continuously improve our skills in delay analysis. Nonetheless, we have mixed feelings about this domain.

Stijn Van de Vonderby Stijn Van de Vonder

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