Change Control & Claim Analysis

  • 1 day
  • Antwerp - Berchem
  • 16 June 2020

Projects are subject to change during all phases of their lifetime. The project teams require good procedures, methods and discipline to manage change efficiently. We however see teams struggling with developing and adhering to proper processes which should always aim to prevent claim situations.

This training provides you with a solid theoretical background and introduces useful concepts and methods to stay in control of your project, especially when subject to change. Additionally, the importance of these methods is explained

How do you deal with changes and keep control over the project? How do you prevent a change from becoming a conflict between, for example, the contractor and the owner, and how do you strengthen your position if it comes to a conflict? These are the key questions addressed in the Change Control & Claim Analysis. This training includes many real-life examples and some exercises and focuses on following content:

  • Administering project data
  • Terminology around change and relevant concepts
  • Basic contractual knowledge and interpretation of contractual clauses
  • Float ownership
  • Identification, classification and administration of events to substantiate delay analysis or counter received claims

This training aims for an increased awareness of theoretical frameworks; prevention of claims due to adequate build-up of data; a structured, standardized and professional method of administering data related to change control or claims management; A more efficient and effective approach towards incoming claims; and the reduction of time spent on building up or countering claim-cases. These benefits will lead to an increase in profits generated by the projects through a reduction of expenses related to claims.


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  • Tuesday 16/06/2020


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