Critical Path Method – Scheduling Best Practices

  • 1 day
  • Antwerpen Berchem
  • 3 April 2020

Critical Path Method & Scheduling Best Practices is the process of identifying the logical relationships between the different activities in your project and establishing their sequence. In other words, the process of scheduling. In this module, you learn the different types of activities and relationships and how to use smart relationships to set up a good schedule. You also learn how to master the calculation method for the critical path (Critical Path Method), different types of float, and some more advanced techniques like DRAG. Milestones, constraints, lags and other concepts of scheduling will be discussed here. This module prepares you to properly use a planning software, according to the best practices of scheduling.

The following subjects will be discussed:

  • The different network relationships
  • Calculation method of network planning
  • Scheduling, float and critical path
  • Advanced scheduling techniques
  • Types of activities
  • Resources and leveling
  • Best Practice for network planning and progress cycle


No specific requirements are needed.

After completing this training, participants will receive the Primaned Belgium certificate associated with this training.


Date upcoming training:

  • Friday 03/04/2020 (subject to change – contact us for more information)


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