Data Driven Project Management

  • 1 day
  • Antwerp - Berchem
  • 25 October 2019

Project controls is all about using data to deliver insight in the project. Almost all of our training courses focus on providing project controls professionals with knowledge, tools and techniques to do so. Successful project controls, however, also requires that project managers and other key project team members use this data to enhance their decision-taking.

This course is precisely shaped to ensure that key project members are aware of the broad possibilities of project controls. Next to an overview of project controls techniques, it also focuses on the underlying mentality of these techniques and on the mentality shift that might be needed. The participant will be provided with sufficient understanding to be able to steer a project controls professional by asking the right questions.


A general background in project management is recommended.
After completing this training, participants will receive the Primaned Belgium certificate associated with this training.


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