Principles of Project Controls and the Art of Setting up a WBS

  • 1 day
  • Antwerpen - Berchem
  • 19 November 2019

What do we mean by Project Controls? How does Project Controls relate to Project Management? What are the benefits of Project Controls for a project organization? Which conditions a project organization must comply with for a proper implementation of Project Controls?

These are the key questions to Project Controls Awareness training, the ideal kick-off for your training in Project Controls.

The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Benefits of Project Controls
  • Definitions and concepts of Project Controls
  • Baseline and update cycle
  • Knowledge areas of Project Controls
  • Project Controls techniques
  • Reporting and influencing

The Work Breakdown Structure forms the backbone of an integrated schedule. How do you set up an effective WBS? Do you choose for a product or activity WBS? In this module we explain the most important theoretical Project Controls. This module briefly discusses the most important theoretical background of the preparation of a WBS, in order to subsequently start working on translating a package of requirements into a suitable and decisive Work Breakdown Structure.


No specific requirements are needed. A general background in project management and experience in a planning tool are recommended but not a must.

After completing this training, participants will receive the Primaned certificate associated with this training.


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