Primaned Belgium stimulates project controls innovation!

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The entire Primaned Belgium team has been on a 4-day trip to Porto for our yearly Strategy Weekend. Strategic employee participation is a key concept within our company philosophy.

Our team embraces change and new technologies and is very keen on being a pioneer in project controls innovation. To stimulate this, an Innovation Day was added for the first time to our strategy weekend. How did this concept work? Every team member was asked to develop an innovative business case during the past months. A final presentation at our Innovation day was their moment to shine and convince the academic jury (and Primaned management) of the value of their proposal.

We have seen presentation on Lean Management, Data Mining, Visualizations and Simulation Techniques; all applied to project controls.  The overall quality was very high and we are extremely proud of all our teams for presenting such great ideas. It are days like these that make us even more excited for  the future of Primaned Belgium.

The team and academic jury voted for all the business cases in order to select the most innovative and commercial viable proposal as the winner of the Innovation day. The idea that received the best score was this of Abdallah Baydoun on Simulation Modeling for Project Controls.

Congratulations Abdallah!

Primaned Belgium will now give the winners more time and resources to further develop their business case in the upcoming year and to take steps to implement this proposal.


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