Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is the most powerful, robust and easy-touse solution for prioritizing, planning, managing and evaluating projects, programs and portfolios. Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM is a cloud based Software as a Service solution backed by a global network of Oracle Project Portfolio Management professionals and the assured security, scalability, performance and support from one of the world’s largest cloud vendors. It provides a 100% web-based, solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to varying levels of complexity across projects and intelligently scales to meet the needs of all roles, functions, or skill levels in your organization and on your project team.


• Complete cloud based solution backed by the power of Oracle Corporation

• Unite project teams and stakeholders through collaboration and strong feedback methods

• Reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns

• Optimize management of all resources for maximum ROI

• Monitor and visualize project performance vs. plan

• Confidently make and keep project commitment

Primavera Risk Analysis

Every project has risks. The organizations that succeed are the ones that plan for those risks— anticipating, mitigating, and providing response and contingency plans for negative events that may or may not occur. Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis software provides the tools for doing just this, enabling companies to model risks and analyze the cost and schedule impacts of mitigating them—and, in the process, taking much of the uncertainty out of project and portfolio management.

By integrating directly with project schedules as well as cost estimates to model risks and uncertainty, Primavera Risk Analysis provides a full-lifecycle cost and schedule risk analytics solution for the Primavera project portfolio management applications and Microsoft Project. Providing quick and easy techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans as well as a comprehensive means of reporting project confidence levels, Primavera Risk Analysis risk-loads projects through risk registers and risk templates before using Monte Carlo simulation to analyze them. It then provides a variety of reports, such as risk histograms, tornados, and scatter plots, that enable users to easily identify risk drivers before (optionally) publishing the resulting risk-adjusted schedules back into the schedule.


• Integrate directly with project schedules and costs

• Provide a comprehensive means of reporting project confidence levels

• Produce risk analysis reports in a variety of formats

• Provide techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans

• Confidently make and keep project commitments