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The Profile of a Planning Engineer

At many companies involved in large-scale projects, I’ve noticed that project engineers could be engaged for any project and for many different roles. It seemed to me that little care was taken in how well the new role fitted with the talent, skills and personality of the project engineer. So it is fate that decides if one becomes a superintendent, calculator, budget estimator, QHSE engineer or… planning engineer! Just like you, I have witnessed quite some mismatches and this should not surprise you. Being engineer because you studied something along these lines, doesn’t erase your personality and predominant skills.

Gert Truyensby Gert Truyens

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LEAN Scheduling

More often than preferred, the Project Manager or the Project Controls Engineer is regarded as a watch dog. He looks like the bad guy, raging when the work isn’t progressing as planned. He always tries to PUSH his – sometimes unrealistic and overly complex – planning to people executing the work.

These people responsible for execution feel disconnected with the schedule, it is not their schedule and they certainly did not commit to it.

Jean-Carl Vandekerckhoveby Jean-Carl Vandekerckhove

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