From Project Controls to Project Intelligence

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From Project Controls to Project Intelligence

In the information age, knowledge is essential to remain competitive. Companies are making a shift towards attaining a data-driven culture. Interest in Business intelligence is on a steady rise and today more and more companies are even investing in more advanced set-ups like combinations of big data with artificial intelligence.

As project controls engineers from Primaned Belgium, we can only share this enthusiasm because analysis is in our DNA. But what will this mean for the future of Project Controls? Will this trend be limited to the financial departments or will it expand to our domain?

Matthias van Campenby Matthias van Campen

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I saw the future of BIM (from a Belgian point of view…)

Last week, 5th of March 2019, I have been in London to attend an event regarding BIM which was organised by Phil Shatz (thank you Phil!). This is part of a recurrently organised set of events called Glimpse of the Future, and this one was then called A Glimpse of BIM. I got out of there with such a good feeling about BIM but, on the other side, a strong frustration on the current situation we are living in Belgium… Let me explain…

Frédéric Deboucheby Frédéric Debouche

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Finally, a tool to manage Project Scope

For a long time, when thinking about Project Management, the first thing people associate to was scheduling. Naturally, most project-based software tools, like Microsoft Project or Primavera P3 and the subsequent Primavera P6 Professional, were focusing on that process. Other tools existed, focusing on different areas, but always a specific one, like Primavera Risk Analysis, for example, which focuses on risks. No well-balanced and integrated tool did exist.

Joao Mirandaby Joao Miranda

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Our take on Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It has been some time now that we have heard about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it will take the construction industry by storm. Has this happened? Certainly not yet, for several reasons that are not all necessarily related to BIM itself. Will it happen? I believe yes, simply because the BIM vision will help the construction industry on various levels. In this blog post, I will briefly explain about BIM, the problem and how can Project Controls add value to BIM based projects. You also might want to read about the future and BIM in our previous blog.

Abdallah Baydounby Abdallah Baydoun

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Time forecasting techniques with Earned Schedule

You are halfway through your project and you want to know if you are still going to achieve your project objectives. By using an Earned Value Management System, you know how to estimate your total expected costs (Estimate at Completion), but what about your deadline? Based on your current information, can you say something about the expected finish date of your project? This blog gives you an overview of how to use Earned Schedule to predict your project finish date.

Niels Ligtvoetby Niels Ligtvoet

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The surprising usefullness of Level of Effort activities

Activity types: ‘Level of Effort’ and ‘WBS Summary’, what are they and what can they be used for? The first ones are also referred to as ‘Hammock activities’. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? This term stems from their appearance as activities ‘hanging’ between two dates. In this blogpost, we will give a quick technical explanation and their most common use, but we’ll also show four situations where they can be surprisingly useful.

Jean-Carl Vandekerckhoveby Jean-Carl Vandekerckhove

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Schedule Quality: Technical Requirements

As consultants, we frequently come across schedules of substandard quality. You’ve probably seen our top-picks of mistakes as well: overuse of SF-relationships, too many constraints or even the absence of links between the activities. We receive requests to perform a schedule quality analysis more often these days, so it seems that the market starts understanding the importance of quality standards.

Gert Truyensby Gert Truyens

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Oracle Prime – PM tool of the future?

Oracle Primavera P3 and later Primavera P6 Professional have been market-leading project management tools for more than three decades by now; and I’m sure that the latter will continue to be so for a while.

But, project controls best practices change and so will its toolbox.

Stijn Van de Vonderby Stijn Van de Vonder

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