What is Project Controls?

"Project controls is the part of project management that captures, models, monitors, analyzes and visualizes project data to generate insight into the project that results in improved decision making so that maximum value is created for the stakeholders".

At Primaned Belgium we consider project controls as our domain of expertise.  We recognize four different process groups within this domain.


Managing a project successfully starts with good planning. Planning on scope, time, resources, costs and risks. The added value and complexity of our integrated approach lies in modelling the interactions between these knowledge areas.


Measuring progress (scope, time, costs) is a very important part of project controls. Reliable progress measurements are crucial for valuable analyses. Mobile apps can help to efficiently gather reliable data.

& Optimization

The core task of project controls is carrying out analyses. Progress is compared to the baseline and potential scenarios for optimization are being evaluated. Primaned has a great expertise in the different tools and techniques of project analyses.

& Reporting

Eventually, project controls provide insights to ensure successful completion of the project. Effective reporting (e.g. BI dashboards) and communication are key factors to ensure that the provided insight will be transformed into action.

Project Controls covers many knowledge areas such as scope, time, cost & risk. The true power of project controls is that these knowledge areas are managed in an integrated way.

For a more complete definition on project controls, read this blog post.