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Beeld je je droomjob in… (Deze blog is Engelstalig).

Imagine that you just graduated as an engineer and you try to envision your future professional life. You would love to be working in an environment where you can use your creative and analytical skills and where you are seen and thrusted as an expert in the field. You want to develop knowledge and skills that would take others years to acquire and at the same time you want the opportunity to discover multiple sectors and companies. Ideally, you also want the liberty to organize your work and the possibility to develop your skill set in a way that suits you and your personality the most. If this is the idea you have of your career, then you can become one of our next Project Controls Professionals at Primaned!

What’s in it for you?

The challenge

“Every day brings something new and you never know what the future brings. It’s precisely this variation that I find fantastic. It keeps the job fascinating and interesting.” – Matthias

Our definition on Project Controls might help make you understand what we offer our clients and why they rely on us. If you would like to make an impact in major projects using your analytical skills, Primaned Belgium is the right choice for you.  Companies with complex challenges rely on our experience to guide them and many of them are globally one of the largest in their field. The variation is rewarding: we are engaged in businesses that range from construction and infrastructure, to renewable energy, engineering, train building and pharmaceutics. As Matthias experienced it: “You work with people on a high level. As a young engineer, you come up with solutions that make the clients think: wow, I’ve never looked at it in this way yet.”

Your development path

When you start your career at Primaned Belgium, we don’t throw you into the deep. We’ll get you acquainted with the different areas within our expertise in our extensive training program on project controls and the tools that we use. Also if you already have some professional experience, our Academy is there for you. The typical engineering courses at university or college lack a managerial point of view: they mainly focus on the technical side. At Primaned we set this straight: you can not only rely on the provided trainings, but also on the experience of our senior colleagues who are there to support you. This will help you to quickly gain a level of maturity that will be beneficial during the rest of your professional life. “The knowledge you get at Primaned ensures that the client and the people on the work floor listen to you, and even look up to you,”, as Niels and Sonny explain.

At Primaned Belgium, a fresh graduate starts as a Planning Engineer, an ideal job to rapidly gain an integral view on projects. Later, you can either become a Project Controls Consultant or a Project Controls Engineer, depending on your own skills and aspirations. As a Planning or Project Controls Engineer, you’ll be part of a project team where you support the management in taking decisions based on your analyses. To better understand your future role, have a look at Gert’s blogpost. If on the other hand, the job of Project Controls Consultant turns out to be suited for you, your job is to devise and implement solutions for a business challenge at the customer through tools and processes.  We’ll find out together what aspects you can excel in according to your likes, dislikes and strengths. The key is that we complement each other as a team: together we know more.


At Primaned Belgium, hierarchy only exists on paper. In fact, we manage our company together, as one team. We set our company targets during the yearly strategy weekend. It’s an opportunity to discuss and steer the future of Primaned Belgium. During last year’s strategy weekend, the team decided on the Primaned Belgium objectives for 2019 in several domains: knowledge and skills development, marketing and sales targets, recruiting and fun or sports events. During our monthly team meetings we work the same way: we openly talk about the financials, discuss possible leads and share knowledge and experiences. And after every team meeting, we strengthen our ties by going out for dinner together or trying to beat time in an escape room. Family is important as well: we organise a fun day in summer with everyone’s family and at the new years’ dinner everyone’s significant other is welcome. This naturally contributes to the fact that we are a very close team and that the atmosphere is excellent when we’re together.

Join us

Do you want to develop your career at large companies’ challenging projects, and at the same time be part of a close group where you have a say in Primaned Belgium’s and your own future?

If you are interested in technology and you have the analytical skills we are looking for, you can join our team and be part of our next Strategy Weekend in November. Send your motivation letter and CV to .


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